A medical coder is an important part of the whole healthcare system. See, healthcare providers, aside from helping sick people get better, also want to get paid for what they do. It’s no joke going through all those years in Medical school! And because of all the work they have to do, they can’t do everything all at once – that’s where other healthcare-related professionals come in, including nurses, medical transcriptionists and yes, medical coders. A medical coder is responsible for a lot of important things. Among their duties is to code descriptions of procedures and services that a doctor has provided or performed. But that would mean long and time-consuming narratives. This is where the ICD codes come in – an alphanumeric representation of each procedure and known to the medical profession that is recognized in the whole world that have a good medical transcriptionist salary. It is a medical coder’s job, therefore, to provide ICD codes for each patient’s diagnosis. Because of the importance of this process, a medical coder is required to have a certification, which can be provided by the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders). The Certified Professional Coder (CPC) is a certification given to people who wish to enter the Medical coding profession through an examination that they have to pass. The CPC certification examination tests focuses on a variety of topics including Diagnosis coding, Medical terminologies, Evaluation and Management Service Guidelines, Medicine, Pathology coding, Coding guidelines, Systems of the body, Anesthesia, Radiology and more. In order to pass the CPC Medical Coding exam, you have to review a lot of things. Luckily, the AAPC also provides study guidelines for the exams, which can be viewed in their website. Although the AAPC does not require a specific degree, they encourage CPC takers to have an associate’s degree. You must also be a member of the AAPC. If you’re not yet a member, you can submit a membership payment along with your exam application. To pass the CPC Medical Coding exam, the following are also recommended: 1. Be fiercely familiar with medical terminologies 2. Take a CPC preparation class 3. Read and Learn from the official CPC Certification Study Guide 4. Take a CPC Practice Exam Online Other tips: 1. There are 150 questions in the exam. If you have no answer to a particular question, leave it. Then, if you have time later on, go back to the unanswered questions. 2. Keep your eyes peeled for clues in the exam questions. A lot of CPC Medical coding exam passers say that there are some questions that can actually give you answers. 3. Do not cram before the exam. This is a counter-productive move. Preparation is always the key when it comes to the CPC exams. With any luck and a lot of studying, you could officially become a part of the CPC Medical Coding community.
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